Stephanie Bellasalma

Stephanie Bellasalma

Stephanie Bellasalma, GIA GG

With a background in luxury marketing/brand management, e-commerce, gemology, entrepreneurship, Japanese culture and language and blockchain technology I have a skillset and knowledge base developed through many years of formal education and practical experience. Currently working to expand my vintage boutique pearl jewelry company Vintage Valuables. The brand focuses on a curated collection of high quality mid-century Japanese pearls and is becoming one of the largest pearl companies online. I am also producing a feature length documentary focusing on the vanishing art of Hawaiian Ni'ihau Shell lei making.


Born a natural leader and entrepreneur I started my career by developing my own brand Vintage Valuables which focuses on sourcing, restoring and reselling vintage and antique jewelry with a emphasis on mid-century Japanese Akoya pearls. Japanese culture and their dedication to perfection has always been a motivating factor in my own work ethic. I was fortunate enough live in Japan and to participate in an exchange program where I attended Tokiwa University in Mito, both teaching english and taking Japanese language and culture classes. With passion and dedication to both Japanese culture and top quality products I have become one of the largest dealers of vintage Akoya pearls online. Trained as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, goldsmith and stone setter as well as having a Bachelor of Business Management I have gained the experience and knowledge in all aspects of small business management and entrepreneurship. 

Having a passion for rare and unique jewelry has led to a new venture, The Ni'ihau Shell Project, and budding interest as a documentary filmmaker. The mission of my first feature film is to accurately and respectfully document and archive all aspects of Ni’ihau Shells and the art of shell lei making on the Hawaiian islands. This craft, unique to these islands, is slowly being lost to modernization, global warming and diminishing practitioners. Filming to begin in 2023.

My professional career was furthered developed by working in the fine jewelry industry as a Sr. Marketing Coordinator for Kirk Kara, a luxury bridal jewelry company located near Los Angeles, CA. My focus during my four year tenure was bringing this company as well as the entire jewelry industry into the digital age. Between social media, digital marketing, e-commerce and state-of-the-art website design I introduced a wider global audience to this 125 year old legacy brand. 


Luxury Marketing

Full service marketer including social media, trade show planning, website design, e-commence and photography/graphic design. 

Kirk Kara


Gemology, Gemological Institute of America

Certified Gemologist who can accurate identify, grade and assess any type of gem material including colored stones, pearls and diamonds.

Gemological Institute of America


Small Business Management - E-Commerce

Owner and sole operator of successful e-commerce store specializing in vintage and antique fine jewelry. 

Vintage Valuables


Executive Producer - Documentary 

Executive Producer of Ni'ihau Shell Documentary film and archive. Filming in 2023.

Ni'ihau Shell Project


Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency 

Currently researching how blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies will disrupt countless industries in the near future. Recently completed the Blockchain Technologies course from MIT Executive Education. Full understanding and practical experience in mining, investing, security and critical analysis. 


Japanese Culture & Language

Inspired by the attention to detail and quality of both their digital and physical products I have always taken this as a motivating factor in both my business and personal life. I was fortunate enough to participate in a cultural exchange program sponsored by CSUN and Tokiwa University and lived in Japan where I learned their culture and language as well as taught my own as an employee of their Language Learning Center. 

Tokiwa University


California State University Northridge

2013- 2017

Bachelor of Business Management 


Gemological Institute of America

2008 - 2017

Graduate Gemologist, GIA GG